It was an argument over identity politics and privilege theory a toxic ideology that was going in prevalence across the camp and dividing the group. at a tertiary glance, you would think there was a group ideology, but I was learning the collective was split into ideological groups.



On the surface showing this footage to people, the clip creates anger, a revulsion as if the conversation is idiotic. But on a deeper analysis, the outburst from tom gave an insight into his ideological belief system.  I was still aware of the potential precariousness of filming, the majority of the group of 70 residence or so, did not want to be filmed, this was for a myriad of reasons from status of legality, to the fact everyone here was breaking an injunction order, but I think more is within the collective people didn’t want to stand out from the group, particularly the girls. Being an outsider to the group and filming created a particular dynamic with the individuals, while warmly accepted, it was a matter of gaining trust, i saw a professional duty not to film people that had expressed that they didn’t want to be filmed. Out of the 70 people, just 5 of the group that wanted to be filmed. They were all male and possessed strong personality traits to want to express a form of heroism. Toms identified as an anarchist libertarian, which within libertarianism the belief that we can only be free with individual rights and a small government to perform basic administrative tasks like maintaining roads. This society is attractive to some anarchists due to the autonomy and wild west type society. The anarchism side being pro-open borders, therefore, no concept of nation. However, there was a contradiction. Toms belief in great men (and women) and capital punishment suggest leaning towards heroism, a trait attitude toward the right of the political spectrum.

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